About Us

The United Khmer Krom Non-profit Organization, Inc. (UKKNOI) is a non-profit organization that operates under the non-profit corporation law.

The organization was established in 2002 by passionate Cambodian volunteers. Our mission objective is to help the Cambodian community in San Jose, CA and its surroundings to preserve the Khmer identity and culture.


Since its establishment, the UKKNOI has always been at 1594 Cunningham Ave, San Jose, CA 95122. With the generous support (donation & loan without interest) from the members, the UKKNOI has bought and entitled to own this property since July 12, 2011.

Many thanks to the Public School (locales at 1601, Cunningham Ave, San Jose, CA 95122, in front of its location) for allowing UKKNOI’s using its facility to organize the events. All the major cultural and religious events, such as New Year, Kathina, etc, are organized in the Cafeteria Hall of this school. After the event, our members help to clean up this Cafeteria Hall and also the school’s grounds to help making it clean.


To help serve the members effectively, the UKKNOI organizes into two committees:

Cultural Committee

This committee helps to preserve the Khmer’s identity and promote the Khmer’s culture with the following services:

- Organize the culture events to educate the Cambodian youths about their identity, such as: Khmer New Year Celebration, The Khmer Krom Cultural Day, etc.

- Establish Khmer classes to help Cambodian youths learn their own language on the weekend.

- Establish a performing art class, to teach Cambodian youths Cambodian classical dances. It is taught by the Apsara Royal of San Jose Dance Troupe.

In this committee, there is a subcommittee which is known as Wat Khemara Rangsey. Its object is to help provide religious services to those who seek it.

The Buddhist monks reside at UKKNOI’s location providing religious services to community members:
- Conduct Dhamma talks and blessing.
- Teach meditation.
- Provide consultation to the members who have stress and family issues.
- Conduct blessing for the new couples at their wedding celebration.
- Conduct religious services for the funeral ceremony.
- Conduct blessing for the patients at the hospital or their residents to help recover faster.

Every year, assisted by the Buddhist monks, UKKNOI organizes religious events:
- Meak Bochea — celebrate in February
- New Year— celebrate in April
- Vesak Bochea— celebrate in May
- Choul Vassa — three months training retreated, from July-September
- Pochum Bun (Doln Ta) – celebrate in September
- Cheng Vassa — celebrate in October
- Kathina (Robes offering) – celebrate in November

Community Supportive Committee

This committee helps to maintain the daily activities of UKKNOI and also provides these services:

- Help members to understand their fundamental rights, and especially about the rights to vote in America.
- Update members about the new law from City, County, States, and Country.
- Help filling out application for members who do not know English.
- Help translating documents from Khmer to English and vice versa.
- Help providing transportation and translation for senior members’ medical checkup.
- Help coordinating events for Speakers/Representatives from the City OR Leaders from organizations, especially Leaders from Cambodia.

Please come and support to help keep the

Khmer’s Identity and Culture Alive