About Us

The United Khmer Krom Non-profit Organization, Inc. (UKKNOI) is a non-profit organization that operates under the non-profit corporation law.

The organization was established in 2002 by passionate Cambodian volunteers. Our mission objective is to help the Cambodian community in San Jose, CA and its surroundings to preserve the Khmer identity and culture.


Since its establishment, the UKKNOI has always been at 1594 Cunningham Ave, San Jose, CA 95122. With the generous support (donation & loan without interest) from the members, the UKKNOI has bought and entitled to own this property since July 12, 2011.

Many thanks to the Public School (locales at 1601, Cunningham Ave, San Jose, CA 95122, in front of its location) for allowing UKKNOI’s using its facility to organize the events. All the major cultural and religious events, such as New Year, are organized in the Cafeteria Hall of this school. After the event, our members help to clean up this Cafeteria Hall and also the school’s grounds to help to make it clean.

Please come and support to help keep the Khmer’s Identity and Culture Alive